Barilla Company Case Study: Distributing Consumer Demands

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Problem statement definition
By case study evaluation I observed the main problem that is face to the Barilla “Manage the distributer unexpected demand” this problem covers different areas like as delay delivery of distributor order because in order fulfillment lot of complication involve due to which it takes eight days after the order was placed and ended fourteen days after the order was placed, effect the promotion of company product in the market.
Excess time consume due to many hurdle in the manufacturing process, temperature is required to adjust during production of different products. If Barilla management will not solve the above problem then it can lose own delighted customers, this will also affect the future of the organization.

Situation Analysis
During study of whole scenario it is observed that Barilla product demand in the market is higher as compare to the its plant capacity as well as its distribution system, it is using different techniques to manage this issue like as conduct different types of meeting with the distributor and takes suggestion from them further...

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