Bariatric Surgery: The Health Aspects Of Bariatric Surgery

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2. Bariatric surgery

The term “bariatric” surgery, derived from the Greek word baros for weight, defines surgical procedures designed to produce substantial weight loss. Accordingly, goals of bariatric surgery originally evolved around achieving substantial sustained weight loss. In reality, weight loss is only one of the outcomes of such surgery. Bariatric surgery can be associated with substantial other health benefits including improvement or normalisation of hyperglycaemia. hyperlipidaemia, blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnoea and improved quality of life41. (2)

Bariatric surgery is an operation that is performed in order to help such individuals lose weight. Evidence suggests that bariatric surgery may lower death rates for patients
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The band is adjustable (it is usually not filled until six weeks after surgery). The patient needs to be fully prepared for the reduction of food intake and educated about choices needed to achieve an adequate dietary intake. The patient needs to work with the procedure to eat appropriately and follow exercise and lifestyle choices appropriate for a weight-losing regimen, rather than try to follow the former lifestyle and eating habits. Since this procedure does not interfere with digestion and absorption, nutritional status ought not to be impaired, but commonly occurring problems (iron, vitamin D and calcium deficiency) may still occur. If the quality of the diet is believed to be poor after surgery, there may well be an inadequate intake of micronutrients. During weight-loss, medications which are continued (see below) may need to be given in liquid form, since tablets and capsules may not pass easily through the stricture. The gut is dynamic and does change in response to the reduced food intake, but the major changes of gut hormones seen after bypass surgery do not occur and there may be little effect on appetite control. Patients may not feel full after eating. They may be troubled by hunger after gastric banding and may need help to overcome

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