Barcalys Premier King of Soccer

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Soccer; the most popular sport in the world with over 200 professional leagues all across the globe(Fifa). But when it comes to soccer leagues, there is only one league that stands above all and that is the Barclay’s premier league. The Barclay’s premier league is a soccer league in England that consists of twenty professional soccer teams(Premierleague). The Barclay’s Premier has exclusive characteristics among all the leagues that make it the best in the world. A profitable league for all clubs is just one important element of the Barclays premier. Just as important is the development of youth in the league as the youth are the future generation of the league. More importantly the league provides 20 teams that are incredibly competitive; a characteristic that makes every soccer fan want to watch the highly rated Barclays Premier league. Due to it’s exclusive criteria, the Barclay’s Premier league is the best league in the world. As a result of it’s fair share of money among all twenty clubs, the Barclays Premier league is the best league. The English league has been the only league that evenly distributes its earnings in television money to all of it’s clubs since it was first created in 1992(HubPages). The even distribution in the Barclays Premier allows for all clubs to invest in better squads,which makes the league fairly competitive. Such fair system of distribution isn’t the same for many of today's best known leagues, as they decide to give a bigger sum of money to the big clubs in the league and a small amount to the smaller clubs. This system only makes their league less competitive as there is not many clubs in the league that can afford to invest in bigger squads. As the Barclay’s Premier league continues to earn mo... ... middle of paper ... ... worldwide recognition.For the good of it’s future generations the Barclay’s Premier league does a perfect job of promoting their youth. As a result of having one of the best youth systems, the Barclays premier league is the best league in the world. The Barclay's Premier league is the best league, as it provides three exclusive elements that no other league demonstrates. The Barclay’s premier exhibits a profitable earning for all twenty of its professional teams. For all the soccer fans, competitiveness is key for why they choose the Barclay’s Premier league over any other league. For the conservation of the league the Barclays Premier has an outstanding youth program. There is nothing like a Saturday morning watching soccer, because of the 200 professional soccer leagues there's only one that never fails to amuse the fans, and that is the Barclay’s Premier league.

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