Barbie's History: The History Of Barbie

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The History of Barbie
Barbara Millicent Roberts was first debuted on March 9th, 1959, rocking her black and white swimsuit waiting to take over the world! Barbie was the first three dimensional doll introduced in America relicted after the German doll, stemming from paper dolls ( . Since barbie came out in 1959 she has been rolling through the years, acquiring fashions and looks from each decade she lives in. Her journey began in the sixties and is still going today in 2016. Barbies’ fashion is incredible, and even was handmade at a time, some clothing items are even worth a lot of money. Barbie is the woman of the years by having many careers, having a stunning wardrobe, and changing the standards of dolls everywhere
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In 1992 it was the “year of the women” and barbie had her own campaign, conducting her a major role in women’s society! Her hair was longer and she made an impact wherever she went ( . In 1994 Barbie was announced a ‘real women’ by Finnish researchers, even though she was unrealistic and and didn 't teach nurturing like most dolls or toys did. In Saudi Arabia they cut barbies toy sales because she didn 't meet up with their religion, and they didn 't want their children falling out of their faith because of a toy, a barbie was later released to accommodate in Saudi Arabia. Barbie today in the 2000’s is a doll never imagined before, with thoughts of a doll with traveling wifi and a doll that can talk. Barbie’s wardrobe today is keeping up with the trends of every teen in America. Barbie today is made to talk, sing, and do real actions, but she is maintained for children as young as 6 years old! Barbie, in today’s world, is bigger than ever imagined and she has made an impact across the globe and still will as long as the demand for her is still…show more content…
Barbie rocked and rolled in the world, she was a vet, even owned her own car and dream house! Girls in every time era dreamed to be she was a role model, even though she didn 't teach nurturing. Barbie is a ‘person’ who has really grasped the image of each time era. Fashion is a statement to everyone, and everyone has their own style. Barbie is a someone who gave women power and a way to express themselves. As technology advances so does Barbie, she makes a difference and she gives girls things to strive for in life, even if it isn 't something
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