Barbie and Women

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Dolls have remained an important role in the childhood of many young girls. Whether the dolls are being played or cared for, they have come to play a major role in influencing the minds of their youngest admirers. One doll that has captured the interest of millions worldwide is Mattel’s Barbie doll. Standing at no more than a foot tall, the Barbie doll has become one of the most iconic images of women. For decades, the doll has sold right off store shelves with its ability to provide a positive role model for young girls and stimulate the imaginations of both the young and old. With her beach blond hair and ownership of almost every pink accessory ever made, Barbie has grown to become one of the most influential dolls of all times. Though initially created to provide a positive role model for young girls and women, the Barbie doll has inadvertently come to misrepresent the image of beauty for women. Through her superficial and overly beautified appearance, Barbie reflects the importance placed on being seen as beautiful for women.
Barbie has transformed herself from a simple doll to a household name worldwide. From first being introduced in early nineteen fifty-nine by toy manufacturing giant, Mattel, Barbie has grown to become the world’s top selling doll on the market – “accounting for half of Mattel’s $1.4 billion in sales” (Rogers). Known for her long, shapely legs, small waist, full chest, and charismatic smile, Barbie has become the epitome of beauty. However, Barbie’s appeal does not just stop at her looks. With nearly every imaginable career, lifestyle, and look of the doll mass marketed by Mattel, Barbie has evolved herself into one of the most successful and commendable image presented. The dolls has seamlessly accomp...

... middle of paper ... or sounding like some type of feminist movement leader. I tried very hard for my essay to relate to women and really show what kind of influence such a doll has body image. In addition, I made sure focus on the minor errors, such as comma usage and word error, I made in the previous essays since I do not want a repeat of their appearance in my third essay. For some reason I found writing my conclusion to be difficult yet again. This is surprising to me because as I was writing the body paragraphs words seemed to flow right out of me, but when I finally made it to the conclusion it seemed as if I had no words left to say. Dr. Knott, how can I conclude my essay in a way that makes it different from what was already spoken about in the body paragraphs, yet centered on my thesis? And is there a way of stating your argument without over emphasizing it to the reader?
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