Barbie Negative Influence

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784 words

The original barbie doll has a negative influence on growing children. They create a negative outlook on the body. If the barbie were blown up to human size the measurements would be an unrealistic 40-18-32 and 6’2” tall. This can discourage children and result in them growing up to hate everyone that doesn’t look exactly like them since the barbies all looked the same. Barbie’s body shape can cause children to have eating disorders in the future due to wanting to look as perfect as a doll. Barbie also never gives insight to femininity by making her live a full happy perfect life with all the careers. Some may say that barbie’s are a good influence on children because she’s such a inspiration. Having jobs like doctors is the only way to be successful. Furthermore, people might disagree that barbie’s body has a negative effect on self love by saying that young girl’s should strive to look like her because it’s healthy. They could also reason by saying that the child playing with these dolls could give feminine properties to the …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the original barbie doll has a negative outlook on the body, which discourages children from wanting to look perfect. barbie's body shape can cause children to have eating disorders.
  • Explains that barbie has developed 150 careers over the past 57 years. parents buy barbies and their career kits to inspire greatness in their children.
  • Argues that barbie's body is one of the biggest issues with current society because the average body size is not represented by her.
  • Opines that barbie has no long-term effect on children, and that the dolls like lammily are starting to teach young girls about their body and period.
  • Argues that barbies are the least expensive, have the most sets, and their children like to have name brand. lammily dolls are made to look like the average girl and have developed a period kit for the doll.

Barbie has no long term effect on children. This is extremely false. Growing up surrounded by perfect blond, white, tall, skinny dolls can impact children in many ways. This is way barbie needs to teach children while playing with them. Barbie’s don’t have an educational factor, which is one thing parents should always look for to prepare them. Other dolls like Lammily are starting to teach young girls about their body. Teaching them early on about period. Also barbie never show just how a boy should treat a young lady. Some girls grow up to be ruled by men but in today’s society women are giving freedom and rights. Young girls should learn that they should be treated with respect and date genuinely nice, honorable, respectful boys. Many women end end being abused and maltreated due to low self esteem and never learning how a relationship should be

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