Barbarian Invasions and the Influx of Non-Romans

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Around 250 – 300 A.D., the Roman Empire went through periods of instability which eventually led to the start of the “barbarian” invasions and continued over the following two hundred years until the Roman Empire collapsed in either 476 (or 1453 A.D). Barbarians were considered by Romans those who lived outside their civilization, and were not as well educated or sophisticated as them. Nations living outside the Roman Empire were attempting to cross the border, and often colonized, disrupted, or undermined Roman rule on its territory. But did the barbarian invasions actually cause the decline and fall of the Roman Empire, or was it just a domino effect caused by the large amount of events that occurred between 234 – 476 A.D?
During 243 – 476 AD, some of the main reasons that contributed to the fall of the Roman Empire were the dwindling population, economic problems, the reign of different Emperors, and wars with the Visigoths on two separate occasions, but eventually during the 4th century, barbarians penetrated deep into Roman territory. Barbarians were nations compiled of various...

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