Barangay Hall Case Study

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CE 414, 1st sem., AY 2015-2016 14-99156 TWO-STOREY SUSTAINABLE BARANGAY HALL I. INTRODUCTION Barangay Hall is the seat of elected officials of one barangay that concern most of the health of its residents. And it is the place where meetings of officials held and the place where residents come first when they need help with their complaint, which was under responsibilities of barangay officials. As a matter of fact, barangay officials are the problem solver of its resident and also the development of barangay is in their hand. As we can observe what thing around us, many Barangay Hall were built “only” to give barangay officials office due to the government budget is less for this type of project. In the worst way, it sometimes…show more content…
Barangay Hall floor area is inadequate to serve well due to its small spaces, and it is also located from the low ground level elevation that causes of flooding during rainy days. Also, there is a problem of barangay for being have no health center. With these problems of barangay that will effect to the good relationship of barangay officials with their residents, misunderstanding is one of wherein any residents need help. The problem forces barangay officials to decide to improve their Barangay Hall and to build also health center as whom responsible for this. As the popularity of green building, barangay officials decided to construct or build their Barangay Hall as Green Barangay Hall or Sustainable Barangay Hall. This building that helps barangay officials to show their goals and objectives to their residents clearly, and to give their best so far. Also, it is the building that will strengthen the relationship of barangay officials with their residents. But this will be done in 3 to 5 years from now, due to the completion. III. BARANGAY INFORMATION / BARANGAY PROFILE • Number of Business Establishment:
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