Barack Obama 's Road Repair Needs

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Clearly by driving down The Alameda or on the US-101, one can see the roads need some repairing. But it’s not just the roads that need repairing: it’s the roads, buildings, waterways, etc. Infrastructure in the United States is less than sub-par – its dismal. Whether on the East or West coast, city or country, one can see America’s crumbling roads, underfunded transportation networks, poor sewage systems and faulty power grids. Few doubt the need for an improvement of infrastructure. The United States needs a candidate that will end the trend of inadequate infrastructure. The United States has underinvested in infrastructure: road repair needs are pervasive, a quarter of bridges require upgrades and the fast-rail system falls further behind other countries every year. Strong infrastructure is critical to a strong economy. Hillary Clinton has suggested an economic policy that would improve infrastructure and promote growth in the economy as well. Hillary believes that strengthening our infrastructure is critical to boosting wages and making our economy productive and competitive. Hillary 's Infrastructure plan would boost the federal infrastructure investment by over $275 billion over the next five years. She would allocate $250 billion dollars out of the $275 billion to go directly to the public infrastructure investment in the 50 states. Also, Hilary would create a $25 billion independent, government-owned national infrastructure bank whose sole job would be to support infrastructure projects and improvements. The bank would allocate money in order to provide loans and other financial support. The investments would go towards energy, water, broadband, transportation, and multi-modal infrastructure projects. Lastly, Hillary Cl... ... middle of paper ... ...ure increases the productivity of the government. The infrastructure plan would also increase aggregate demands and the shift will increase purchases/money. The infrastructure plan is satisfying Mrs. Clinton’s constituents. The improvement of infrastructure incorporates the super left and middle-left ideas of liberals. This allows for all of the Democratic Party to relate to the plan in some type of way. In these days and times, politics directly affect economic policies. The candidate’s main purpose is to please its constituents while also trying to improve the economic state of the government. Furthermore, the end goal is to get nominated whichever way it takes. The improvement of macroeconomics comes second behind actually winning the election. Initially, Hillary Clinton’s policies seem positive and helpful, but we will see if in the end they get implemented.

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