Barack Obama Speech Essay

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In the present time, no one could imaged that the Senator Barack Obama won the presidential election because of the speech to make a more perfect union. President Barack Obama is the 44th president and the first African American to serve as U.S president. He was elected second terms over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney. On March 18,2008, president Obama gave famous speech about the political, religion issues of race in the United States. he speaking at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. This speech bring more hopes to the black people, and opposed to former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright, which offended the rights of blacks and whites. The speech encourages the black people to fight for their freedom, to overcome…show more content…
It related the essay written by George Orwell “ politics and the English Language”, In his essay, Orwell talks about six rules which can help to improve the writing, such as used concise words to express the meaning of long passage, the most important one is never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which are see in print. In Obama’s speech, he expressed strong emotion toward the black community. He talked about the people that fought together to create a strong community. Obama states that race is a big issues in the United States, he explains how the people manipulated race to win the presidential election, and an obstacles to the unity. He states “But race is a big issue that I believe this nation cannot afford to ignore right now.” Obama provided many examples to bring out the ideas that racial inequality in the United States. In the beginning of speech, Obama demonstrate his concern to the global issues, As he states “ legacy slavery and Jim crow” within our nation, Jim Crow was an important effect to the nations, he acknowledge the presents dangers “ conflicts in the middle east”, and let the audiences understand the significance of present danger affecting to our
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