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During Professor Dyson’s interview, he was discussing President Barack Obama’s role as a Black President in “White America.” During the interview, he was stating that President Barack Obama made sure that White America trusted him during the election. President Obama made a bargain with White America. He made sure that the white people in America were comfortable. He ensured that he did not make White America feel guilty about the past including slavery. He ensured White America that he would not constantly remind them of what happened many years ago. President Barack Obama action made many people feel that he was more concerned about the White America’s problems rather than everyone else problems. In the interview, Professor Michael Eric Dyson discuss President Barack Obama’s role as a Black President in “Black America.” Professor Dyson characterized President Obama as “Black America’s” hero. He stated that in “Black America’s” eyes, President Obama could do no wrong. President Obama gave “Black America” hope. People were overjoyed that finally there was an African American man as President. President Obama ensured that “Black America” felt that he was listening to their needs, issues, and concerns. Even though he could…show more content…
I say that he could have done more for the Black Americans during his presidency. I say this because there were many things that needed to be addressed while he was in office. I believe he did not address those situations because he did not want to upset “White America” or have “White America” to feel as though President Obama has backed out on his bargain the he made with them. Some issues that President Obama could have addressed or paid more attention to are police brutality and education just to name a few. I say that because there were many things going on during his presidency that involved those important issues the

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