Banning of Books Such as Susan Patron children’s book, The Higher Power of Lucky

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Would you really ban a book for mentioning a word that is out of the norm for children? I sure wouldn’t. When the word “scrotum” was mentioned in Susan Patron children’s book, “The Higher Power of Lucky”, many librarians pledged to ban the book from elementary schools. Was it the right thing to do? In some cases it is but it all depends on how the book is being perceived. Although the book talks about Lucky growing up, it shouldn’t be a problem talking about this kind of language and body parts to children that are old enough to understand growing up. Librarians shouldn’t be losing focus on the big picture of the book instead of starting a controversy over something that has been done before in a children’s book. Is it possible to talk about the good of this issue? In my opinion I find it as a way of teaching children who are soon to be teens what growing up means. It clearly explains that Lucky, the character in the book, is preparing herself to be a grown up. I personally find this as a good idea to slowly teach pre-teens of the body as they get older. So why ban the book? Ms. Patron clearly states that the book is aimed for children from nine to twelve years old. From my understanding these are about the last two years of elementary school and the start of your first year in middle school. There’s nothing bad about writing a book about growing up that is aimed at a young audience who can learn from it. One way I can relate this is with a health class in high school. The teachers in a health class will talk about and show pictures of sexually transmitted diseases. Does that mean that other teachers can go and complain about it? Well yes they can but they cannot start a petition to ban the class from schools. I understand that i... ... middle of paper ... ...d decided that it shouldn’t be a book for them to read. Although the article sided with the bad things over the book, I completely disagree that Ms. Julie Bosman showed a fair and balanced report over the censorship issue. She was more in favor of the negative rather than showing the positive outcome that people may have on it. In a way I kind of thought that she would have an open mind for both good and bad over the issue but as I read she sided with the ones who thought badly of the censorship. Works Cited Althouse, Spencer. 15 Classic Children’s Books That Have Been Banned In America. 26 June 2013. 12 March 2014 . Bosman, Julie. With One Word, Children's Book Sets off Uproar. 18 February 2007. 12 March 2014 .

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