Banning Tobacco

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Tobacco Tobacco has been around for many years, and it should be stopped, but can the economy handle it. The tobacco is reaching young children, and not to mention the nonsmokers as well. The medical effects alone should convince people to stop smoking. Even if the people wanted to quit, it's hard because they are already addicted. If the health doesn't stop people from smoking the cost should because this year the tax on tobacco has gone up dramatically. So now the cost is weakening our pockets. The only ones that win in the tobacco field are the Tobacco Company, because they make all the money. If profits fall, all they have to do is advertise a little harder and profits will roll in. But the Tobacco Company does employ a lot of people and is a huge part of the economy. There are a lot of smokers and rising, but today more then ever the smokers are the children. "By the age 18, about two-thirds of the young people in the United States have tried smoking."(Elders 1994) We must not let this happen, the kids are our future, and we should want the best for them, but this will help the tobacco company because "Most people are going to smoke are hooked by the time they are 20 years old."(Elders 1994) This will keep the young people from smoking for a long time. We must protect the children from smoking or we are put them in to an early grave. "Tobacco is estimated to have caused around three million deaths a year in the early 1990'a and rising."(Mccuen 1997) Pretty soon the smokers will get younger and young, we must save the children, or who will. Smokers are not the only ones that are effected by tobacco smoke. "Cigarettes don't only kill the smoker, they also kil... ... middle of paper ... ...inors In Your Community, 1992, Stanford CRDP 5. Gold, Mark S. Tobacco, 1995, plenum 6. Hyde, Margaret O. Know About Smoking, 1990, New York 7. Kessler, David A. Smoking; Regulating Nicotine as a Drug be Necessary, 1995, San Diego 8. Mackenzie, Thomas D. Smoking; Smoking Should Be Regulated. 1995, San Diego 9. Marketguide (1996) 10. McCuen, Gary E. Tobacco; People Profits and Public Health, 1997, Wisconsin 11. Pringle, Laurence. Smoking; A Risky Business, 1996. New York 12. Robertson, Brian. Smoking; Cigarette Tax Increase Would Be Harmful, 1995, San Diego 13. Waxman, Henry A. Smoking; Smoking Should Be Banned in Nonresidential Building, 1995, San Diego 14. Wilson, Catherine. The Orange County register; Secondhand smoke linked To more illnesses Health, 1997, Miami
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