Banning Guns Completely For Civilians

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Banning Guns Completely for Civilians Used Guns have been a major problem for years upon years in the United States. Many people concern about gun control and they are protesting vigorous against “bearing arms.” “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed firearms as the #12 cause of all deaths between 1999 and 2013, representing 1.3% of total deaths. They were also the #1 method of death by homicide (66.6% of all homicides) and by suicide (52.2% of all suicides)” (qtd. in “Gun Control Laws”). A gun is a big factor that threatens human life. People use it to commit suicide or commit a crime, and in those situations, it can cause death and serious injuries. Civilians are possible getting in dangers of being threatened with guns. The FBI says, “Firearms are used in roughly 7 in 10 killings” between 2013 and 2014 (qtd. in Simon and Sanchez). As now, more and more gun restrictions are posted, the death caused by guns is declining. Nonetheless, without weapons, murder rates will decrease. A firearm is a big factor that motivates criminals to commit a crime. Moreover, the presence of a gun makes a conflict more likely to become violent. It is hard for most of the civilians to understand how anyone can shoot a person in a public place. Considering the amount of gun death that involve in dire situations are more than in the cases that protect or help civilians. All guns should be banned for civilians used include hunters except police force uses firearms to fight against terrorists, and military used. Who Should Use Guns Civilians including hunter, should not own any firearms. According to the second Amendment, “People have the right to bear arms”. Many people feel that the banning of guns violates the right of the people given... ... middle of paper ... ...cause of the death and violence that are caused by firearms. The threat of guns in the United States is astonishing. More guns in the society mean there will be more dangers. Guns create an unsafe environment for people to live. They cause many deaths among the population in the United States. Also, the average age of the firearm user has been going down, and deaths or injuries by firearms have been going up. Moreover, the disadvantages of owning guns on citizens’ hands are a lot more than the advantages of guns. Especially, a gun is a motivation that results in gun violence. When all guns are banned, suicides and homicides will decrease, young people will not be able to obtain a weapon and be in dangerous situations, and it would lessen many deaths that occur every year. Therefore, not just banning certain guns and guns that are technically illegal, but all of them.

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