Banning Cell Phones in Schools

Many students have cell phones to simply keep in contact with their family members when necessary. Some students have abused the privilege of having a cell phone in school. Because of this, our principal has issued a cell phone policy that no cell phone should be on or used during school hours. Clearly, there is no use for cell phones during school except for negative actions like cheating. There is also a small percentage of students without cell phones in which case, it would leave those students at a disadvantage if others were able to use their cell phones during school. This policy will also help distraction of other students while their peers were turning their devices on and off during tests or the general test. First of all, mixing cell phones and tests is probably the worst thing possible about cell phones in school. Some students figure that if they don’t study they can still do well using their versions of modern technology to get answers off of friends. Therefore, if there are no cell phones, there is no cheating on tests. Since adopting this new policy, cheating levels have gone down, and focus levels have gone up. Because of students disturbing their classmates, the test scores were down but because the rule is set, focus has gone up meaning that test scores have gone up. I believe with this new rule, students will improve all around will improve their test scores because they will have much more concentration and focusing ability on whatever they are working on. Additionally, some students do not have the privilege of having cell phones, which then sets them at a disadvantage behind other students. It would be like most of a math class being allowed to use a calculator but there isn’t enough. Wouldn’t we want all students to be treated as equals? If we allow students to use resources that are not available to all students then that would be unfair to the other students.

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