Banning Boxing

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Banning Boxing

When this topic came up I was quite happy, as I had tried boxing

before in a boxing club in Belfast for a couple of months. I really

enjoyed it, as it was good for getting me fit, self-disciplined and

for self-defence. Some of my classmates think that it should be banned

but I disagree as I have been there and have seen from first hand what

goes on in the ring.

In a typical boxing club, fighting takes place in a controlled

environment. By controlled environment I mean that it is supervised by

trained coaches, youth leaders etc. They are properly run clubs with

membership fees etc. There are strict codes of behaviour, for example

a punchbag, speedball. Goods are for sale at reduced prices like

leather skipping ropes for £5 particularly in rough areas were money

is short.

If boxing clubs were not available there would be a lot of street

fighting and rioting especially amongst teenagers in many communities.

This would lead to more crimes in communities and would cause a lot of

hassle with the police and people in the community. Self-discipline is

taught to many young people from an early age. For a lot of people a

boxing club is one of the few places to go at night, the alternatives

being loitering around street corners, getting into trouble,

experimenting with drink and drugs, and turning to crime.

Boxers know what they are getting themselves into and are aware of the

short and long term injuries boxing can have on them. Short term

injuries like a cut eye and long term as in "punch drunk syndrome"

which is like Parkinson's disease, a fine example of this is Mohamed

Ali. Brain damage and brain hemerages can also happen to boxers who

are repeatively hit over the head.

There are referees to control the fights and there are rounds where in

between fighting boxers can take water and get their wounds treated by

their trainers and coaches. There is also always an ambulance waiting

incase someone gets hurt in the ring.

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