Bank Fees

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If you are like most consumers, you have noticed the huge amount of fees banks are charging lately. We as consumers are overloaded with fees. We are charged for ATM withdrawals, overdraft fees, and statement fees. Sometimes of these fees are our fault; we might enjoy convenience, but we may not give enough considerations to the cost. You might be fed up with these fees, and looking for ways to stop paying those fees. You can achieve this for with minor modification.

Credit Unions

Credit unions can be an alternative to banking fees. These institutions are owned by their members, and pass their savings onto their members. Credit Unions are classified as not for profit entity unlike banks that are guided by their stockholders. The draw back to these institutions, however, is the lack of choices. If you are a convenience base customer, these institutions would not be a good choice because the locations are not as convenient as the banks.

Cost Saving Strategies

Know your bank features and follow the stipulated guidelines, for example, if you bank stipulates a minimum checki...

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