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“Bangla Rock Band- Aurthohin” Bangladesh is a new born (1971) country. Thus, the Bangla rock music is a fairly new concept. However, history of Bangla rock music can be traced back to 1960’s when few self taught musicians stated covering rock music from around the world especially the western rock music. From there Bangla rock music has come quite far and over the years produced lot of great rock bands and musicians. However, Bangla rock for some reason could not make up to the world stage of rock music, probably because of the language. My favorite band is “Aurthohin”, a Bangla rock heavy metal band. Aurthohin is a fairly new band established in 1998 by their bass guitarist, vocalist, and song writer Sumon AKA BassBaba. Aurthohin is known for their heavy metal music along with few melodic numbers and their poetic lyrics. In recent years the band has shown influence of punk and alternative rock in their music. “Aurthohin” means meaningless/ no meaning. Aurthohin band idea came from one of Sumon’s solo projects “Sumon O Aurthohin”. This album was released while he was a guest member of another Bangladeshi heavy metal band Warfaze. The name of the band came from the title track of that album “Aurthohin” featuring a collation of twenty-seven solos of eight of the most famous guitarists of that era, and the vocal were supplied by the ex vocalist of Warfaze, Sunjoy. Over the years Aurthohin has released six albums. Their first album “Trimatrik” was release in 2000 with the initial band lineup. There were couple of songs hit song especially "Odbhut Shei Chheleti" became popular and widely appreciated by the rock music fans. That album started a new trend of “sequels” which can be found in the later albums including the ballad "Odb... ... middle of paper ... ...06, Kamal of Warfaze joined the band as a guest guitarist. After doing few gigs, Sumon offered him a permanent position, and he accepted that. However, due to illness Kamal could not participate in the last album, and later he left the band. Aurthohin’s current lineup is Sumon on vocals and bass, Rafa on vocals and drums, and Shishir on guitar and keyboard. After long break Aurthohin is back in the live gigs in early 2013. They have recently released a new single number “AamJonota” which talks about the current political situation in Bangladesh. Over time as the band matures, their lyrics also become mature .Their lyrics started talking about social responsibility, political corruptions, and “AamJonota” is an example of that. Mature lyric is helping the band to broaden their fan base. Currently Aurthohin is one the top Bangla rock heavy metal bands in Bangladesh.

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