Bang Bloring Theory: Waknesses Of The Big Bang Theory

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Discoveries in astronomy and physics have made certain the fact that the universe has an origin or beginning and this bang bang theory is in effort to explain this beginning, the theory was brought forward by Edwin Hubble in 1929 as he put forward what is known as the Hubble Law. The theory states that the universe came into being or existence as a singularity or cosmic egg around 13 billion years ago, It’s not clear where this singularity or egg came from, Singularities are areas of intense gravitational pressure and the universe is thought to have began as an intensely small singularity and there was an explosion and now matter is moving outwards hence the growth of the universe
It has being noted that this theory is in direct contradiction with the bible, The bible is taken as a reliable source as this particular book has withstood the test of time and has its own creationist account which now brings us to the weaknesses of the big bang theory
The bang bang theory has several weaknesses and among them may include the following, the theory denies the existence of God and states that the universe merely came into being all by itself, on this view the bible clearly states that in the beginning there was God, and he thus created everything in six lateral days. Thus if we factor in the fact that universe created itself this means that the Sabbath day falls off as the time factor is not provided ...

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...ver found such a particle and the question remains where are the monopoles?
In conclusion we see the fact that the big bang theory was brought forward by bible critics who would want to deny the existence of God by proving that he did not create the world and that and explosion of matter was the cause if everything that we see today, these scientists seek to move the multitudes away from God and to some point they have succeeded even with unproven theories. The big bang theory is merely a theory and nothing more.

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