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Band Years
After the band was signed by EMI, Pete Best the drummer, was kicked out of the band and replaced by Ringo Starr. This was wildly unpopular with fans of Pete. Fans rioted in the streets of Liverpool, outside the cavern, and even front of Brian’s record store (Davies 140-141). Everyone was really mad at Brian and the band for doing this. Pete was as popular as Paul at the time, but it was the right decision because he was not that good of a drummer. Fans ended up gradually accepting Ringo into the band. The Beatles had become very popular in Liverpool. Fans would wait by the cavern all day on the off chance of seeing the Beatles come in (Davies 156-157). The fans started to get very out of hand though. It got to the point where girls would run up out of nowhere and kiss them. Coincidentally, that is how Ringo met his future wife. The fans in Liverpool were now all struck with Beatlemania. The Beatles would get letters from girls asking for locks the Beatles hair. Even though they were huge in Liverpool, no one knew who they were outside of the city (Davies 173). The British press did a really bad job of publicizing the Beatles. The news media didn’t give them any attention outside of Liverpool. No one really knew who they were yet.
In February of 1963, the Beatles went on tour in the U.K. This was a very important step for them because it was their first national exposure. They weren’t the main act but they would still open for other bigger more well-known acts (Davies 173-174). Even though they weren’t the opening act or even on their own tour, they were still getting good national exposure. They were slowly getting more popular then the acts they were opening for. In September of 1963, the Beatles had three to...

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... a hard time writing some songs, they worked very well under pressure. A lot of their great songs were created in the mix of chaos (Davies 284). The Beatles lyrical creativity varied from song to song. Some are based off of real life experiences like Penny Lane. Others were made up while doing nothing like Nowhere Man. Some songs were even ideas from other people like The Benefit of Mr. Kite (Davies 284-286). One of John’s favorite songs was, A Day in the Life and the song had so much inspiration. John was reading a newspaper article while writing the song. It was about a man with 4000 holes. He also mentioned his own movie, How I Won the War (Davies 286). As I continue to research I am impressed by how much the Beatles impacted pop culture today.

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