Banana Starts with Yellow

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In class we always talk about how high quality prekindergarten can positively affect a child’s life clear through adulthood. Because of the numerous studies that have proven that statement states have initiated or increased funding for voluntary pre-kindergarten. This has happened in low SES neighborhoods as a way to try and mend the gap between low SES and high SES students. The idea is that by having a high quality education before the students start school the students will be on a level playing field and will not get left behind. “Banana Starts with Yellow” goes into a class that works with low SES students and tests the students at the beginning and end of their pre-kindergarten year to see if the education that they were given actually worked. Most people say to have a good education you need to have well educated teachers. Well this classroom had three. The first “Dr. Lori” has her PhD in early childhood education, was ESE certified and taught in a public school before teaching at a college level. The next teacher “Ms. Smith” was the CDA, had 23 years in a preschool setting and obtained a bachelor’s degree in early education. The last teacher in the room “Ms. Wills” is an ESE paraprofessional and also has a degree in early education. Now these teachers are all highly educated and yet the authors show their students have made little to no progress in anything but identifying letters over an entire year. Why is that? The article shows how the pre-kindergarten is well stocked and that the teachers sing songs with their students so what is preventing the students from success? When reading over this article there was one big thing that was missing from the way these students were being taught. Their culture wasn’t in it. There were no multicultural books or things that would come from their culture in the centers. It was all predominantly set up for the white culture. The article said that this classroom was 30% Hispanic and yet nothing is done to include their way of life. When “Dr. Lori” would ask questions to the students to get response she would always ask questions they would only know from an academic setting, she never tried to pull in their home life or even what the students talk about together. I don’t think it’s the quality of the teacher that matters in some cases like this one.

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