Banana Republic And Gap Analysis

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Up until the age of thirteen, shopping always been torture. Shopping was so bad that I would never buy anything for myself. When I would wear anything other than athletic shorts and a t-shirt, I would have to raid my older sisters’ wardrobe- who just happened to be my size. After losing about twenty pounds in eighth grade, I started to love shopping- much to my parents’ dismay. While trying to find my own personal style, I began to shop at stores similar to Banana Republic and Gap. It soon occurred to me that, although they bear some minor similarities, the difference between Banana Republic and Gap are pronounced. Mark Twain once said “Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.” Even though children are taught…show more content…
A persons’ style is like a form of body language; for example, when I feel the cheerful and happy, I wear brighter colors to show others that I am happy. Banana Republic offers high class business attire, however, Gap provides a simple- stay at home mom/ back to school- type of look. While Banana Republic also has a casual line of clothing, the material is higher quality and the styles are always unique; Gap, on the other hand, has much simpler styles and sturdier material. Gap is popular for their jeans which are known to fit well and be extremely durable. Unlike Gap, Banana Republic does not have a great denim selection, but offers uncommon textured clothing and accessories. When choosing between Banana Republic and Gap, checking ones’ bank account is mandatory. Even though Gap is more affordable than Banana…show more content…
Service wins the game.” As Tony Allesandra states, in order to have+ a successful business, customer service must remain a priority. It is also proven that shoppers are more likely to return to retailers with good customer service over those without. This past summer, my mothers’ best friend was getting married, so my mom and I drove to the mall. Once we had found a parking spot, we both walked towards Banana Republic; I began to walk faster, as if I was being pulled like a magnet, and threw inspiring words back to my mother to pick up her pace. In no time, my mother and I were walking through Banana Republics’ entrance. The greeter said hello and asked us if we were looking for anything in particular. I told the greeter- named Lacey- about my mothers’ issue of not having a dress to wear. Lacey immediately noted my moms’ height and age which would narrow her down her choices, yet she still ended up finding several options that both my mother and I loved. With the help of Lacey, the hardest part of this shopping trip was trying to decide which dresses to put back; my mom ended up wearing lovely textured grey dress that fell just above the knee accompanied with a modest v-shaped neckline. Banana Republic not only made a sell with their superior customer service, but they also gained the trust of my family and free advertisement because my mother now recommends Banana Republic to all her friends. In
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