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Tobacco advertising bans have become commonplace in developed nations but are less prevalent in developing countries.
In the context of the above mention claim, “Tobacco advertising” therefore means any commercial communication whose main, secondary or incidental aim or effect is to promote a tobacco brand or to promote tobacco use (Extracted from WHO framework convention on tobacco control).
advertising' class='brand-secondary'>Tobacco advertising may either be direct or indirect. The direct form of the advertisement of tobacco is as explained above while “Indirect-advertising” includes the association of a tobacco product brand element with a non-tobacco product good or service, and the advertising or marketing of such good or service. Indirect advertising is a deliberate strategy used by tobacco companies to circumvent bans on tobacco advertising and must be addressed if the FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) is to be effective. Tobacco advertising was banned in India in 2004, the year the study began, cigarette companies are coming up with new ways to reach a relatively untapped audience by adopting the indirect means.
The ban of tobacco advertising in India indeed has a great impact on the consumption of tobacco in the country. Before its ban research shows that significant numbers of homeless children in India spend a considerable portion of their income purchasing tobacco, often prioritizing tobacco over food. Tobacco advertising ban has therefore significantly reduced the consumption of tobacco in India as well as the amount of reduced the portion of income spent on tobacco consumption
Consequently, the ban on tobacco advertising has abolished the deceptive and misleadin...

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...ments should do in regards to tobacco advertising
Considering the argument supporting the ban on tobacco advertising in the India. It would be recall that ITC Ltd, a tobacco company in India announced that it would voluntarily withdraw from all of the sponsorship events, irrespective of the legal position on the subject due to the ban placed on tobacco advertising and sponsorship of programs by tobacco companies.
In my own opinion, I think a limited or restricted and well control/implemented ban should be placed on tobacco advertising since the smokers are aware of the health danger involved, then tobacco advertising should not have been a comprehensive ban.

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