Ban of Tobacco Advertising in India

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Introduction: Advertising is a tricky industry. It is possible to convince people on doing anything, no matter how harmful it is for themselves and their surroundings. Human nature contradicts with right and wrong in decision making, as there are no certainty to what is right and what is wrong. Most likely, it depends on one’s culture and perspective. In early 2001, Government of India announced a bill that would ban tobacco advertisements in the country. This written assignment will focus on summarizing the points in favor as well as against the ban on tobacco advertising in India. Also there will be a discussion on the conflict of interest and my own opinion on what I expect from the Government pertaining to tobacco advertising as a responsible citizen. Arguments in favor of the ban: It is easy to argue in favor of things that will clearly improve the standard of living of ordinary citizens. Some notable arguments placed in favor of the ban are as follows: 1. Concerns related to public health: Smoking is injurious to health and advertising helps to promote this habit in young adults. 2. Increase in employment: Contrary to the popular belief, a study (SSA, 1997) showed that reduction in smoking leads to the circulation of money in more labor intensive sections of the society 3. Reduction in Consumption: World Bank (1999) report showed that there was a steep decrease in consumption with a ban on advertisement of tobacco products. There were also evidences that the demand for tobacco products eventually reduced with less advertisements. Arguments opposing the ban: As it is hard to think of arguing against a ban which would support better habits among kids, there were several of them in place. One good way to understand this is to l... ... middle of paper ... of India article (2004), a WHO statement points out that “poor households spend 4 to 5 percent of their disposable income on tobacco products”. The money spent can definitely be better directed towards other needs. It is important to note that the advertising had a great impact on young adults and first time smokers. By inhibiting the urge at an early age will lead to the growth of a responsible society. Works Cited Roy, Bhaskar. Tobacco advertising ban from May1. Times of India. Feb15, 2004. Retrieved from the webpage on 5/7/2014 : SSA (Society for the Study of Addiction to Alcohol and Other Drugs), London, Press release, 20 November 1997. World Bank Curbing the Epidemic: Governments and the Economics of Tobacco Control, 1999 The World Bank, Washington D.C.
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