Balance Score Card Essay

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Introduction The balanced score card (BSC) is tool that is widely implemented by the various strategic levels of management of organizations with the aim of aligning business activities with the vision, mission, and values of the organization (Averson, 1998). BSC is used to provide a frame work that enables the strategic management to measure the performance of the organization involved. It also helps the management to identify the necessary courses of action needed to implement its strategies. BSC has four quadrants namely; the financial perspective, the customer perspective, the internal business processes, and the organizational learning and growth perspective. The priority given to these quadrants when mapping a BSC is different between…show more content…
This achievement was made possible through a collaborative effort of the director of strategic planning and the entire strategic level management team (Niven, 2006). Although this was a new concept to the organization, the formula it used was a success. Implementing the balanced score card is challenging for the not-for-profit organizations because they are not in control of the finances; they depend on donors. The success of the process at Cattaraugus Rehabilitation Center depended on how the strategic managers implemented the four perspectives of the balance score card. This section presents an analysis of the successful implementation of BSC in Cattaraugus Rehabilitation…show more content…
Maintaining operations at breakdown level allowed the organization to achieve financial stability through maximum utilization of the resources. The formulation of effective measurement criteria for these objectives was effective because it acted as a guideline for the staff and management responsibilities. With the prior knowledge of the expected results, members of staff at the Cattaraugus rehabilitation center worked according to the mission, vision, and values of the organization. They knew what to prioritize which allowed the organization to achieve its objectives despite being a non-profit organization. Cattaraugus rehabilitation center was also successful in implementing the BSC by developing efficient and operational strategies that had measurable criteria. These operational goals were successful because they aimed at supporting the goals of both financial and consumer
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