Baido Healthcare Case Study

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Baido healthcare has to improve the professionalism of their physicians and other staff so as to raise the quality of the health care. This area of improvement will be crucial as the overall beneficiary is the client and clients’ satisfaction, safety and trust is paramount in order to earn their trust. Several performance methodologies can be used to ensure quality improvement is well integrated and on point. Six sigma methodology allows for improvement of a given healthcare system when there is drop in disparity in that institution and it emphasizes on the welfare of the client or the patient. This methodology will ensure client satisfaction with the medical care offered as its basis for best results are that the client’s welfare is paramount.…show more content…
Performance assessment needs to be done repeatedly and also any activities done needs to be assessed for safety issues and also efficacy. This is where benchmarks and milestones integrate into the quality improvement. Benchmarks are set curriculums and procedures that are used to check the performance in an establishment while milestones are used to mark the end or a phase/stage of a project or the end of an entire project. Benchmarks checks the competence of laid procedures that an organization uses by running several standard tests and trials. The organization will also evaluate its information technology performance and necessary changes be made. By use of milestones and benchmarks, the performance of an integrated system will be continually examined, assessed and…show more content…
An organization has therefore to set their own milestones known as the future events which shows the time needed to attain its planned objectives. It gives motivation to the workers to put more effort to beat this challenge they set. System level benchmarks are crucial in assessing the information technology department. It assesses the overall performance of computers and programs used in the system. If the systems are poor then it is advisable to improve the computer systems and programs as it will boost overall system performance. Finally, application benchmarks can also be used as they use real programs of applications to develop applications that can be used in daily functions in the organization. Baido health care is determined to ensure it attains its goal of providing safe, reliable and quality health care services to its clients at all times. Its mission and strategic plan is to offer safe medical care to its clients and be the best establishment in the US in providing specialized and high quality medical care. To ensure these plans and goals are attained, performance improvement is crucial and also high level of professionalism must be attained by their employees to be able to give patients the best interventions
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