Bad Truth Essay

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What is truth? Truth is what is in accordance with reality and reality is what is in accordance with the truth.
If reality does not match up to truth or vice versa, it is usually regarded as bad news which means that reality is false and the truth is a lie (bad news). Several reasons, starting with the truth is often hard to accept. It often means changing one’s mind, habits and behavior patterns.
People loathe change. Change is often uncomfortable more so if the truth is at their disadvantage. Most times, the truth is something we already know but cannot accept. Therefore we ignore it, put it at the back of our minds and forget about it. When we hear the truth we are reminded of what we tried to ignore and forget, it starts to play on us.
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I remember hearing an expression in elementary school that we never hear anymore: “I may disagree with what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.
Those on the right (truth) still say it and believe it, they are for open and free discourse, and they want everybody to have the opportunity to say their piece of mind over things that matter.
Truth is regarded as bad news in most society today because people are ever trying to silence it and keep it repressed. The evasion of truth has many modern equivalents, one being our denial of the fact that our methods of producing and using energy are sickening our planets. We slip and slide around this idea. Deep inside, we whisper to ourselves: “if global warming is a real threat to future generations, what does that make me?”
Most times, people believe bad news about others without bothering to inquire whether it is genuine or fake. They believe it hook, line, and sinker. People like seeing others being worst off than themselves.
I think it is better to equate the truth with good things. For example, if someone criticize us and tell us our flaws even though it hurts, we should learn to accept it and work on it as it is going to make us a better person because no one is
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