Bad Parenting Case Study

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1) The main point of the article is to explain what constitutes as bad parenting if no harm comes to the child. The author discusses a controversial topic that causes the reader to question ethics versus personal perceptions. The main argument can be found in paragraph six where it says “But, as always, the question is: What’s deviant behaviour? Which ideologies are the taboo ones? And who decides?” Issues of bad parenting extend to extremes of religious beliefs, overweight children, and parents forcing their children to become pageant girls. Wente suggests that if the behaviour considered deviant is not hurting the child is it considered bad parenting. She brings up the topic of a couple who have strong white supremist views and are considered believers in Nazism. They did have strong beliefs in Nazism, but they did not abuse their…show more content…
The tone of the article and the argumentative points already add emphasis without it. Wente says there are “many forms of child abuse” but does not list them. For clarity she should add what the different forms of child abuse are. Following this she states, “helping your kid draw a swastika on her arm is only one of them.” I am assuming Wente means “helping your child draw a swastika on her arm is not one of them.” The way she words it makes it sound unclear until the next sentence which is awkwardly worded. Wente uses a metaphor calling it “the states cure can be far worse than the disease.” This metaphor is unnecessary and should be deleted. The last sentence of the paragraph speaks of the separation from a person’s parents can be hard “even if they happen to be fans of some guy called Hitler.” This sentence does not sound good at all in fact it makes me cringe. Perhaps revising it to sound something like “even if they happen to be empathizers of

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