Bad Decisions Bad Habits

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What happens when teens drink and still go to school? Teens that drink and still go to school will likely lower their grades and work. They say that tons of teens will start to drink at a young age and will end up making poor decisions and end having a terrible life. Another thing is that teens will sooner or later end up in bad places and like a hospital or even end uo drinking themselves to death. One cause of teens drinking is academic failure. Their grades will start to go down because drinking ruins there way of thinking and there sight of seeing. Drinking will cause them to pay attention less and not work as hard as they use too. Drinking will cause a big range of physical consequences and will suffer a high increase in failure towards school and assignments. The teens that drink will be a serious problem to school they will decide to do homework or not if they choose not to will not be good towards their grades. Some teens will choose to start skipping school and doing less of their work which will be bad for their attendance and will cause big trouble. Many teens who drink will have a feeling that drinking is better than school or better doing work or better than trying there hardest at school. They think that drinking will pass the time or probably make it easier for them to do hard work but drinking will just cause them to do less hard work and not even pay much attention which is a bad thing contributing to poor school attitude and poor grades. What happens when teens have bad parents to not help with life lessons? A second cause of teens drinking is bad parenting.Parents who are not there for their kids is a bad thing because they are not there to teach them from right from wrong and that will cause a big problem lat... ... middle of paper ... ...ll make their lives even worse. In conclusion because of bad parenting, academic failure, peer pressure are why teens drink and its never ok to let your teenager drink at a young age because later on it will cause their lives to be worse day by day and it will not be good. let them have a good future never let them drink at a young age and thats why because of bad parenting, academic failure, peer pressure is why teens drink. Works Cited “Causes of teenage drinking. Talk rehab. N.D. Web. March 3 “Dangers of teen drinking.”Consumer information.September 2013.Web.Feb 26/2014 “Negative consequences of underage drinking.To smart to start. U.S department of health human services. 10/31/2013. Web. Feb 19/14 Rachel Morgan, Causes & Effects of teenage drinking. Ehow. Feb 2014. Web. March 2 “Teenage drinking. Help guide. Harvard Health Publications. N.D. Web, Feb 26/2014
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