Bad Bicyclists Are Problematic in Chicago

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In this day and age, many cities are challenged with traffic congestion caused by the abundance of commuters. Busy streets and bustling pathways are laden with motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, especially in Chicago where thoroughfare overcrowding is an issue.
Particularly, bad bicyclists are the real bother, since their recklessness makes traffic worse. Regarding a question of policy, bicycling in Chicago should be more regulated. Surly an active urban society lends to conflicts in civic commute, but everyone shares a common need and the right to commute safely. Therefore, City Council should enact and enforce stricter laws on bicyclists, because stricter laws on bicyclists will deter their dangerous behavior in traffic, improve commuter safety, and increase city revenue.
According to a report entitled, “Bicycle Crash Analysis, Summary Report and Recommendations” published in 2012 from the Chicago Department of Transportation on the City of Chicago website, it states that the number of bicycle commuters since 2000 has increased by 150% which is 15,000 daily cyclists in Chicago. CDOT analyzed a rise in bicycle crashes, which accounts for nearly 10% of crashes. In particular, reckless bicyclists cause traffic accidents, as CDOT measures 55% of fatal bicycle crashes in Chicago occur at or near intersections, because nearly twice as many crashes occurred at signalized intersections when bicyclists were crossing against the traffic signal. Now that we see that reckless bicyclists are a major cause of deadly accidents, let’s explore how to improve this problem.
Safer bicyclist behavior means a safer commute for bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists. According to an article entitled “Chicago Alderman Proposes Yearly $2...

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