Background, Uprbringing and Character of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Background, Uprbringing and Character of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

In this essay I will be looking at the up coming of Franklin Delano

Roosevelt. In this question I am seeing if Roosevelt’s background,

upbringing and character helped him to understand the concerns of

normal Americans. There were many factors; which helped him to

understand their concerns.

In the late 1920’s America was a booming country due to all the loans

people were taking out. They borrowed money to buy shares which they

gained profits in. then in 1929, the Wall Street crash occurred.

People rushed out to sell shares because they realised companies were

doing badly. Businesses collapsed and thousands of people were ruined,

selling shares for anything. The Republican government didn’t believe

the state should interfere in the free-market economy to help

businesses, or to help with the welfare concerns of the poor and

unemployed. The government thought the people should help themselves.

This lead to a great depression.

The depression affected ordinary Americans, lots of unemployment

occurred as much as 80%, as businesses could not afford to pay wages.

This lead to people selling their homes, and living in ‘Hoover Ville

towns’. The American people became very poor and depressed, losing

belief in the government and Herbert Hoover.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt could understand the concerns of Americans

through his upbringing and background. He attended Groton School,

which prepared him to become a leader. His head teacher helped him by

giving him character training. This made him think he had a duty to

help people less fortunate than him. Franklin was always wil...

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...Deal itself succeeded in sparking America’s eventual

economic recovery, it was undeniably instrumental in starting an

equally important psychological recovery. Roosevelt was able to

maintain his popularity despite the persistence of extreme economic

hardship through out his first two terms, by successfully transforming

the individual materialistic striving for self-preservation of

millions of Americans into a communal characteristic struggle for the

preservation of democracy. I think the positive points have out

weighed the negative points. Franklin brought about a lot of change

and helped the Americans through the depression, unlike Herbert Hoover

who left the economy to try and sort itself out, which did not work. I

think Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal did bring about better life

for all Americans in the 1930s.

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