Background Investigation into Potential Applicants

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This essay will explore the many different issues that a security manager must consider when hiring security personal pertaining to the information requested in the form of background investigations and the legal ramifications of what information can be obtained and what information if any is off limits to the investigation of an applicant. As a manager of a security firm one would want to be cautious as to who should be hired and for what position that applicant should be able to fill. With this being stated it is not uncommon for a security firm to require the applicants volunteer to a background check as well as physical and mental testing in order to be hired for a high security position within the company. The question then should be what can a security firm request in a background check and is there anything that legally should not be addressed. There are many different levels of security checks when pertaining to backgrounds some positions do not require a complete background check and may only require the basic information to be investigated such as employment history, criminal background, drug testing while higher levels of security require in-depth background checks to include some if not all of the following examples of background checks; professional licensing records, workers compensation claim records, military records, driving records, educational records, credit reports, criminal records, personal and work references, sex offender lists, bankruptcy reports, to include a Social Security number check or proof of Citizenship or visa check. It is important to understand that there is not a central repository for federal, state or local criminal records which means that if a person has moved around a great deal it ... ... middle of paper ... ...xample would be if one had the information that would allow for an employer to know that a person had been arrested for domestic abuse several times in the last ten years however, the wife would not press charges so no convictions would be listed on the criminal background check this allowing this individual to be a security officer. In conclusion, it is fair to say that background investigations into potential applicants who wish to work in a position of authority or in a position that requires the company to do a background check for the safety of the company and or the public should be administered with care, and with attention to detail due to the position that the company could be in if they allowed the wrong person with the wrong background into a position that could allow for the company to be liable or for the safety of the public to come into question.
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