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“So, it looks like we have a new face here. Please introduce yourself.” Miss Rina requested and proudly Jacqui stood up and again introducing herself with the same lines she used during Mr. Harith’s class. Only that she added to end her introduction with, “I am glad to know that we have a stunning economics teacher here.” I was like, what the… I looked at Miss Rina’s expression. No smile, no chuckles. Her expression remained serious like always. “Well, Jacqui, too much detail, anyway you can sit. Welcome to my class. Remember I don’t like to have a sleepy head in my class neither a chatterbox.” It made me smile well enough. OK, sleepy head. That was me. You will see… I recognise from the look on her face, through her eyes when they meet mine in a glimpse of look, there’s an affection reflected. Jacqui sat down and turned to me, whispering, “she’s a lion.” I smiled at her and nodded. But then again she said, “but she’s hot like hell. Don’t you think?” Again I didn't answer. My eyes fixed at Rina in which I saw her throwing a chalk towards Jacqui. “Ouch…” said that brat when the chalk landed on her cheek. My Rina is evidently a good hunter. “I just mentioned it that I don’t like to have a chatterbox in my class. Don’t you get me? Please pay attention. You, at your previous school, what was the last syllabus?” “Hmm… last syllabus… was… hmm… wait…” she took her bag and put in on the desk, pulling out some books. “Hmm… I don’t bring that book. I don’t have the timetable yet, so I don’t know that we have economics today.” The class laughed at her drama. I chuckled too. “That was not my question. I am asking you, which syllabus have you learnt before you moved here. Do you have problems in understanding question?” “Hmm... Syllabus… th... ... middle of paper ... her that much. Too quiet, must be slow in bed. You like her?” “Just asking. It’s so nice from you Jacqui… but thanks. I actually have something to do. Will go straight to the library for some revision.” “Ah, c’mon, bro… not always revision, revision. Study, we can do that tomorrow. Those chicks are fun, you can take one, anyone you like. I have no problem with that.” “No, thanks Jacqui.” “C’mon… once in a while we need entertainment. Chicks stimulate the brain and make it brighter. You will score in all thirty subject with full A’s, with stars and pluses, trust me. You need a flavour.” “Maybe next time. Really, I need to finish my assignment today.” I made up an excuse. “Well, well… here is my number if you change your mind. Anytime pal. I will get the hottest girl for you. If you wish for Catherina, that’s a piece of cake, bro. My bungalow has many empty rooms.”
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