Back To Nature In Call Of The Wild By Jack London

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For years humans and animals alike have relied on natural instincts to adapt in order to survive. The book call of the wild by Jack London centers around a dog named buck. Buck is large mixed bread who learns to use natural instincts to survive the harsh conditions during the Klondike gold rush in Alaska in 1897. The Klondike gold rush of 1897 is an example of the back to nature movement. The back to nature movement was initiated by President Roosevelt. He felt that America was too dependent on technology. The back to nature was generally an experience of survival. He felt that if people couldn’t survive in the wild, then they were becoming weak. The book emphasizes Buck’s parting from civilization and his entry into a more primitive world. Jack London tries to show the contrast between civilized life and primitive life. This contrast is prevalent throughout the novel. The story of Buck’s journeys in Klondike shows how he gradually sheds all the features that define his earlier life in human society to become a creature of the wild. Throughout Jack London’s book, ideas of Social Darwinism and the back to nature movement comes to mind because Physical strength, as well as dominance, is required in order for one to truly embrace nature and survive.
In the book, the theme of man vs. nature is present. The Klondike gold rush of 1897 is an example of the back to nature movement. Set in the wake of the gold rush, the story shows how Americans found themselves moving up north in search of gold. They had to live their civilized setting and adjust to the harsh cold of the north where survival was only imperative. Man had to rely on basic instincts in order to survive away from civilization. For example, men like John Thornton have been a...

... middle of paper ... People usually regain natural instincts in the process. He generated the idea that if humans go back to nature, they would become stronger and more self-reliant. In the wake of the gold rush, man had to venture into the bitter cold (back to nature). People like john Thornton thrived because they were able to key into their natural instincts. Jack also highlighted that over reliance on civilization makes one weak. This is shown when Hals, Charles and Mercedes die off because they were unable to use instincts to cope with the harsh situations of the wild. Because of this, buck was able to make the transition from lovable play pal to a skilled hunter. By getting in touch with his natural instinct, he was able to change his way of life and survive in the environment he found himself. Buck becomes wild and uses social Darwinism and survival of the fittest to survive.
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