Babylonia Religions

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561 words

Religion is anything that evolved individuals worshiping someone higher or having a belief in an idea. Religion isn’t simply worshiping a god it can be a way of thinking or a way of life. God can be represented in various ways and shapes, and forms to different people, some individuals don’t believe there is a god. Some believe that there is a higher individual that they pray and worship. There are some religions that believe in more than one god. Worshiping has changed with the times and religion have evolved with individuals and within the art.

Religion in South and Southeast Asia consist of Hinduism which is not a set religion there are many beliefs involved. Hindus believe In only one higher power, which is Brahman and it is the knowledge …show more content…

Christians believe in Jesus Christ was the Messiah, and Jews believed that God made an argument with them and they are the chosen ones. In Early Jewish art, individuals were not allowed to worship idols but many words of art were created for the reason to worship their idols. One of the first Jewish Temples that was a spiritual center, ended up being destroyed by Babylonia’s leading them to build the second temple in their homeland. Torah Scrolls were kept in synagogues where individuals could come, and read the Torah and that was their form of Worshiping. In early Christianity, they also worshiped in private apartment or houses or in a building. Later, Christianity because more diverse and they started having their services in baptisteries, and churches. Early Christian art uses a process called syncretism where they took ideas from other traditions and gave them new meaning. The art also was opened to interpretation and they could have multiple meaning if you found pieces of artwork from the Early Christianity period it can be hard to tell what period it was from there artwork had Jewish and Roman influences and

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that religion evolved individuals worshiping someone higher or having a belief in an idea.
  • Explains that religion in south and southeast asia consist of hinduism, which is not a set religion. hindus worship gods and goddesses who take on aspects of brahman.
  • Explains that buddhism's early verdict period focused on brahma and a samsara, while the maurya period reflected hero’s and heroic ideas. the kusha and late andorra periods were when buddhism developed more.
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