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A person who realizes his life's mistakes and has a desire for change, can change the course of his life in the other direction, leaving behind their bad dependencies and habits. The story of "Babylon Revisited" by F. Scott Fitzgerald is an example of how a person can change from being materialistic to changing his life and overcoming his own "demons." The story of "Babylon Revisited" was written by Fitzgerald between 1920 and 1937, and it is about how the main character Charlie returns to Paris after the Great Depression. The purpose of his visit is to return for custody of his daughter who lives with his sister, Merion. A few years ago, being rich but addicted to alcohol and a luxurious lifestyle, in consequence of his way of life, he…show more content…
Throughout the story, he achieves confidence of his sister by refusing the excessive consumption of alcohol, friends, and the old way of life. He almost manages to take custody of his daughter, but his old friends, unwittingly break into his sister's house, and spoil everything. Charlie doesn’t get his daughter back however, he doesn’t give up and doesn’t return to alcohol and to his wasting time of a lifestyle. Charlie repents for his sins from a past life, regrets the loss of his time, and feels the disappointment from seeing the city and how it’s had changed in his absence. At the very beginning of Fitzgerald 's "Return to Babylon" the reader can trace the mood of the main character. In the scene in a taxi, he asks the driver to make a detour, thereby wanting to look at Paris, which changed after the Depression, not through the prism of wealth, luxury and waste, but as a person who does not have much material means. He…show more content…
He does not want to live anymore like before and is afraid of losing his daughter forever. In response to Honoria's words that she wants to live with him, "His heart began to beat, he dreamed that it would happen the same." Charlie would be very happy to live with his daughter, Honoria. This means that his daughter for him is one of the most important things in his life. He told his sister that he had changed, "I work, the hell, I lead an exemplary lifestyle with everything." He is ready to end his old way of life for his daughter. He does not attend parties as before and does not meet old friends who love to drink. His words once again prove the seriousness of Charlie's intentions to change his life for the
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