Babies in the Workplace

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Babies in the Workplace As we move into the new millennium more and more employers are allowing, some are even encouraging, their employees to bring their newborn babies to work with them. This is probably one of the greatest changes in child care norms that this country has seen in the past 30 years. Once upon a time, when a woman had a baby she almost always quit her job to raise her child, depending on her husband to support her and her child. Then along came the idea of maternity leave. This is when a woman takes a certain amount of time off to be with newborn. Once this time period was up, the woman still had a job to go back to. This meant that women no longer had to rely on their husbands for support. Unfortunately it also meant that more and more children were being raised by perfect strangers. So along came another idea that has changed the way the working world views working mothers. In many offices around the country, women, and some men, are now allowed to bring their newborns to the office with them. This enables women to cut short their maternity leave, thus saving their employers money, and letting them raise their own child instead of handing that responsibility off to strangers. The idea of letting women bring their baby to work is a radically new one. Its existence shows how far people are willing to go to have it all. Because women can now work and raise their child at the same time, they are better able to perform the intricate balancing act of mother and worker without a husband. It also shows how far along we, as a country, have come in our thoughts on women and child care. Many women who are now bringing their children to work with them had mothers that quit working to raise their childr... ... middle of paper ... lag that existed in our country. More than ever people want “the good life” and are willing to work for it, but they also wanted to raise their own children. Before they were forced to choose between being a parent and being a worker, now they can have the best of both worlds. Finally, businesses are keeping up with the changing times. It is now becoming the norm to bring your child to work with you, which is changing the old view that children do not belong in the workplace. Babies are actually a welcome addition to many offices because they increase the feeling of friendship among employees, which, in turn, increases employee output. In some cases, newborns in the workplace even attract new clients. Allowing babies on the job is fast becoming accepted in our society because employers are finally realizing that the benefits greatly outweigh the negatives.
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