Babies Should be Baptised

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The reasons against infant baptism. In the early days of the Church

only adults were baptised. Jesus himself was baptised as an adult.

Jesus and his disciples taught the gospel to adults and asked them to

celebrate a new life through baptism. Jesus taught adults about the

word of the Lord, and only played with children. Some people think

that baptism is a very important sacrament, which initiates people

into the Kingdom of God, and if a person is to be baptised they should

be well prepared, and have total commitment, understanding and know

the responsibilities that they will take on by joining the Christian

Community. Baptism by full immersion is recommended by some, as this

represents the full commitment and symbolism of the sacrament. Some

people who have been baptised as infants do not lead Christian lives,

therefore if they had been given the choice they may not have chosen

to get baptised.

Reasons against adult baptism. In the New Testament, Jesus always

welcomed children, and infants were baptised, as we are told of whole

households being baptised. At first adults were baptised, then

Christians wanted their children to be baptised, so they could join

the Church and become children of God. Baptising an infant cleanses

them from Original Sin, as the Priest says,

"O, God you sent your Son to cast out the power of Satan, set this

child free from Original Sin."

If the child is weak or in danger of dying, then baptising it will

allow it to enter Heaven. Infants are baptised, and then are only

encouraged by their parents to complete their initiation by getting

confirmed at a later stage in their life, therefore they can continue

being a Christian, only if they feel want to.
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