Babe Ruth Essay

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At the start of the 20th century, sports were becoming increasingly popular. Everywhere, sports were emerging in new, creative ways. School teams were organized so that students could play, improve their skills and pursue their dreams of being a professional athlete. Sports that had previously been unavailable prior to attending college became open. Professional athletes started to break records and attract young athletes to their sport. The sports stars and heroes of the 20th century made a lasting positive impact on their sport and future athletes by changing the way sports were played, changing the way sports were viewed by fans, and serving as role models for the community.
Though there were many athletes that fit into this category, George Herman Ruth (better known as Babe Ruth) was undoubtedly one of the most influential. Born on February 7, 1894 in Baltimore, Maryland to a very busy family, the only thing that kept Babe’s spirits high was baseball. “I think I could hit the first time I picked up a bat”, Ruth said. His parents spent the majority of their time managing their family business, a popular saloon. “I was a bum when I was a kid”, said Babe, and his parents agreed. At age 7, Babe Ruth’s parents sent him to St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys. At St. Mary’s, Babe spent all of his free time playing baseball and perfecting his pitching. Jack Dunn, owner of the semi professional Baltimore Orioles, offered Babe a position within hours of watching him play. At 19, Babe signed a contract with the Orioles. Within 3 months he was sold to the Boston Red Sox as a pitcher, and showed promising skills at the plate. In 1919, he broke the modern major league record with 25 home runs! By the end of the season, he had hit 29. In D...

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...alike. On September 23, 1926, he was defeated by Gene Tunney before a record crowd of 120,000 fans in Philadelphia! After an unfortunate defeat, Dempsey told his trainer, “Lead me out there, I want to shake his hand.” Jack never stopped bringing in the fans or the respect of his peers. In 1950, 15 years after Dempsey retired, a poll by The Associated Press named Jack the greatest fighter of the half-century. On May 31, 1983, the famed Jack Dempsey died in New York City, but he has not been forgotten.
As the 1900’s emerged, everything began to change. As a country, America’s society morphed as a whole. New sports stars were emerging. New records were being set. The sports stars and heroes of the 20th century breathed life and new enthusiasm into sports. From Babe Ruth’s home runs to Dempsey’s knockouts, sports would soon become a vital part of America’s daily lives.
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