Babe Ruth

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Babe Ruth

During the roaring twenties, there were many outstanding baseball players. One of the best outstanding baseball players of all times was Babe Ruth.
Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895, on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland. He was the son of a saloonkeeper, George Herman Ruth, Sr. At age seven he was placed in the St. Mary’s Industrial School for boys because his parents couldn’t control him anymore. After twelve years of basically being locked up he was released in 1914 so that he could play professional baseball.
One key person in Ruth’s life was Brother Matthias. Matthias encouraged George to play baseball. By age 12, he was already on the varsity team. Matthias pushed Ruth to be a right-handed catcher since there was no left-handed catcher’s mitt.
George Herman’s professional career started in 1914 when the Boston Red Sox picked him up as a left-handed pitcher. After 158 games, Ruth had a pitching record of 89-46 and had 3 World Series wins and no losses. When Ruth’s pitching career ended, he had a 2.28 earned run average and was just getting started with his all time hitting career.
Babe Ruth set many hitting records in his 22 years of baseball. “The Babe” was given many new nicknames over the years. Some for example were: “The Sultan of Swat,” “The Callasses of Clout,” “The Great Bambino,” and “The Babe.” In 22seasons, he led the league 12 times with home run records. In 1921, Ruth had a record setting 60 homers, which no one broke until Hank Aaron in 1974. In 1935, George Herman Ruth hung up his uniform for the last time with leaving professional baseball. With 714 career homeruns and some great memories, The Babe led his team to The World Series in 1923, 1927, 1928, and 1932.
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