BP Oil Spill

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1. How would you assess BP's response to the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill? In my opinion, BP's response to the oil spill wasn't the best. Plus their spokesperson Tony Hayward's comments did little to help the situation. The response should have been about damage limitations. Hayward's responses made the company seem aloof and unconcerend about the environmental damage being done. When they gave an amout of barrels that were leaking into the ocean, they gave the wrong amount which hurted their credibility. They deflected the blame for the accident. BP would call the oil spill the "Gulf of Mexico oil spill" while the rest of the world called it the "BP oil spill." They might have took the blame but they said it wasn't their accident however they would take responsibility to clean it up even though it wasn't their fault. I think the fact that they used social media to show show updates and progress was a smart move since it is probably now the biggest media median. However, everything else was not the best way to handle this whole situation. 2. How could BP have prevented the damage done by its CEO spokesperson? I agree with the article when it says he meant well, however some comments he made were not worded the best and he stumbled a lot which hurt BP's reputation as well as his own. Instead of expressing his compassion and sympathy towards the victims, the CEO took too lightly to the situation and even minimized its severity. He was selfish saying he wanted his life back and went to sail on his yacht, leaving the company high and dry on the crisis. They should have directed him to be more concerned and compassionate about the victims of the oild spill. In fact, they should have made sure that he showed that he cared more. Furthermo... ... middle of paper ... ...iggest mistake he made was saying that "he wanted his life back." To me, that made him look selfish and uncaring. Also, the fact that he left the crisis to go sailing was the biggest nail to his coffin and that really hurt his reputation. If he would have showed more compassion for the victims impacted by the crisis and would have stayed to keep trying to clean up the oil spill, he wouldn't have been so hated. To help his image, I would have made him stay and help clean up the aftermath of the spill. Actually make Hayward go out into the "field" and clean up the beaches, wash animals covered in oil, and actually going out into the oil infested ocean water to clean it up. I think if they would've showed him out there caring and making sure the clean up was getting done, his reputation wouldn't have been as bad and BP's reputation wouldn't have been so criticized.
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