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As Kenneth Burke said, "The ultimate goal of rhetoric is identification between people." Taking this statement into consideration, we tailored our presentation to the audience in hopes of making a connection between them and our chosen area, The Distillery District. Thus, the three rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos, are a significant part of our research. Firstly, ethos is used when the Distillery District's representative is shown speaking about the achievements of the district to the audience. He mentions the significance of the district in Hollywood and, consequently, attempts to persuade the audience to visit the district as a Hollywood film "set" rather than simply a district. Secondly, logos is used in our "fun facts" section to persuade the audience through logical claims that the district has made. Thirdly, pathos is used through the images of people spending time in the district, doing different activities in order to make the audience feel as though they can connect with the people in the images. The district itself offers these three appeals by persuading i...

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