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There have been many killers in the history of the world. There have been serial killers, there have been murders. But none of them can compare to these two killers. Aids and The Bubonic Plague(The Black Death) They have been the worse killers because when they strike, we have no way of curing them. Both of these diseases are fatal. There is no cure for them. That is what makes these two so frightening and scary. We have no idea where these two epidemics came from, there have been stipulation but no single person can say where they originated or who or what brought either of the two. Eventually the Bubonic plague stopped after claiming 1/4 of Europe's population. Unfortunately Aids does not look like it will die down any time soon. These diseases have been the worse killers of our time. But there are some similarities between the two. The Black Death(Bubonic Plague) began in Central Asia in the 14th century in the mid-1300's. It was said to have lasted over 400 years. Its symptoms were the swelling of the armpits and other areas of the body, mostly the groin and the neck, another symptom would be rings around your cheeks, the main symptom was black patches around the skin caused by bleeding around the buboes(swollen lymph glands). About one fourth of Europe died within a few years after the Plague was introduced to Europe in 1347. Europe wasn't the only place to be hit with the Plague. The Far East was also affected by it to, though not as severe as Europe was. Many scientists and people believe that rats and other rodents brought the epidemic to Europe. Most Epidemics are most likely to occur when rats live closely with humans in areas where there is poverty with poor sanitation and that also share an environment with wild rodents that have plague bacteria. The bubonic Plague eventually came to an end. It ended for many different reasons. Seasonal or weather changes can greatly affect the survival of the rodent host or fleas. Measures were also taken to control rodents and fleas, sanitation measures were also taken along with the use of antibiotics to prevent the disease. When the Bubonic Plague first came to Europe nobody knew what to do. The affects that it had on Europe was tremendous. Entire villages and cities were taken out by the plague.

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