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Soccer is the world’s most popular and recognizable sport. Almost everyone in the world knows what soccer is and how it is played. “The FIFA World Cup is the world's most widely viewed sporting event; an estimated 715.1 million people watched the final match of the 2006 FIFA World Cup” (FIFA World Cup). Soccer is fun for all ages and can bring people together in many ways. BCC should start a soccer program because it will bring in revenue for the school, it will get more people to come to the school, and it is an outlet for students.
Soccer is very cheap to set up so it can make more money for the school. Soccer requires very little. A ball, some goals, shin guards, uniforms, grass and paint. Sorts that require a full suite of armor like in football, or large stadiums and large goals like in basketball are much more expensive than soccer. Soccer also has very simple rules and is easily understood by both the players and the spectators. Soccer will also bring in soccer fans that will spend money at concessions and on merchandise in the bookstore.
Soccer can start out as a club and grow into a full competitive team later. Anyone can join and play as they please until the club gains enough steady members and popularity. Once the club has grown and a legitimate team has formed, the team can move onto competing against teams from other schools. BCC does not even need to purchase a field. They can have the team practice at another school’s field until they get their own.
Cape Fear Community College has a very successful soccer program. Lots of people go to Cape Fear’s soccer games (Cape Fear). They have both men’s and women’s soccer teams and are popular at the school.
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...ool than it will cost it. BCC’s soccer team does not even need their own field when starting out. BCC can practice and play at another school’s field, like West Brunswick. This will help out West and BCC. West’s band could play before a game or BCC could advertise their events at West’s field. This is good for both schools in the long run.
Soccer is a great money maker. Soccer brings in students and helps them feel good about being a member of their school and opens up opportunity for students. Soccer is popular and recognizable and there is no good reason why it should not be a sport at BCC.

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