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This small BBQ joint may not look like much from a bystander standing outside but when you step inside you step into a small family restaurant that provides a smooth aroma and comfortable dining. The narrow restaurant has a small dim haze in the air that is filled with the sweet cooking from the kitchen. The walls are lined with pictures of old and modern family members and even signed pictures of celebrities such as Smokey Robinson. This structure is not just a host to fine BBQ eating, it also host the two musicians Ben Taylor on the bass and Lamonte Parsons on Guitar every Thursday 6-8. These names do not mean much but in their presence you look at this duo and you become amazed. Ben Taylor on the bass is a younger man that provides a base…show more content…
Amplifying the sound through the whole restaurant, their music is perfect for this small family BBQ restaurant. This music venue has people coming and going for their delicious BBQ with the chef ringing the bell when an order is done, but none of this takes away from the musical performance. The performers sit next to the register with only a small walking space to get behind the counter separating them. Surprisingly this does not interfere with customer’s orders. Their smooth jazz is attention grabbing yet it has a subtle approach to the ears. I must add that most of the customers dining in the restaurant are not talking, but it’s not only due to the delicious BBQ. It’s almost as if the jazz speaks for the patrons. Who needs conversation when you can have the dynamic rhythms from Ben Taylor and Lamonte Parsons. Playing mostly covers to other artist, but not excluding their own music; these two are capable of setting the mood for an end of the day meal that requires no words to be spoken because their instruments speak for you. These men will never play a song at Lacy’s Kansas Style BBQ without applause following each…show more content…
Jazz is usually associated with the saxophone, which was my preconceived notion, but in this case the standing bass and the guitar were used to create a smooth jazz sound. Ben Taylor would start the songs by him strumming the bass with what looked like high speeds but it actually came out with sounds of a set meter. This sound came off slightly general but that was only because Lamonte Parsons would almost immediately start playing his guitar to begin the song with his own mix. This is how most of the song goes but in every song they play together there is a moment where Parsons’ builds up to a point where he’ll eventually stop and Taylor starts playing his solo where he closes his eyes and strums the bass. He played with such enthusiasm that it made you think that the sounds coming from his bass should be erratic and unorganized but it wasn’t. It was beautiful sounds that you could tell were the reason Parsons chose him to be apart of the Lamonte Parsons

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