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Bar and bat Mitzvah both translate to the meaning “son (or) daughter of commandment.” The most commonly spoken language of the Jewish people and most people in the Middle East starting in 500 B.C.E – 400 C.E is the vernacular language known as Aramaic. The words bar, bat and mitzvah all come from this language. The term “bar (bat) mitzvah” refers to two different things: first off, when a boy or girl comes of age (12/13), they have become a “bar (bat) mitzvah,” and then are recognized by the Jewish tradition as having the same rights as a grown man. They are now both responsible for the decisions and actions they make. The second thing it refers to is the religious ceremony that accompanies them becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. This is usually a celebratory party following the ceremony. This event incorporates a right of passage for the teenagers and makes it so they feel to be a bigger part of the Jewish community.
A bar and bat mitzvah are one of the most memorable and precious moments in every religious community. These young children are opening themselves to the central symbol of the tradition, and in the Jewish tradition, the central symbol is the Torah, “the revelation to Moses on Mount Sinai and all that has issued from it over some three thousand years” (The Pluralism Project). The bar and bat mitzvah read from the Torah because on this day they become responsible to observe the commandments, also known as mitzvoth, of the Torah.
The whole point of the bar and bat mitzvah recognition is much more than the celebration and “big day.” It is the day that a boy or girl begins to enter into a new phase of their life. They take on new responsibilities as not only a Jew, but as the child of the commandment. These children now b...

... middle of paper ... a rumor about one of the twins and it was so bad and upsetting, that she ended up going home for the day because she was so upset. When her parents insisted on having a talk with the other girl, the twin explained why she went home and why she was so upset. After talking about this the girl realized what she had done and how her power of speech really hurt someone in a way she never realized it would. The moral of the story was to show how gossip is truthfully evil and should not be a part of people’s lives. It shows the negative aspects of what happens when gossip is told, and how it could really hurt the other person you are talking about. My friend also mentioned that when she had the talk with the girl who now happens to be a close friend, the girl realized that speech is something permanent and something that can go a long way, but can never truly go away.
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