B.Y.O.D Essay

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B.Y.O.D should not be supported in our public schools because of distraction, cheating, and plagiarism. With so much technology already in our everyday lives if we have it all over our schools students would not be able to learn and focus on important material. With teachers not having knowledge of what is really going on students will take advantage of that opportunity. Also, students that cannot afford a device will not be able to participate in class activities. To sum up, B.Y.O.D would be a distraction in our schools.
Many students use their devices for entertainment purposes as apposed to just using them for typing papers for Mrs.Kalm's class or studying for Mr. Tucker’s history final. Such apps such as Twitter or Instagram can become a big distraction for students. A solution for this problem is to provide student’s with their own devices that can be strictly just for school purposes. The teacher that allows full control over all of the students using the devices can monitor these devices. School devices that students use today don't work to their full potential as some of their own devices but what students don't realize is that it's keeping them focused and on track to get their work done. In addition to this problem, having no rules on what they can really do leads to having no discipline. Devices being used in classrooms today owned by the school district are monitoring what students are actually doing on their devices. This discipline let's students use devices besides the standard computer and it lets teachers keep a tight grip on their students. In conclusion, Distraction can be either the biggest problem in your classroom or it can be as simple as re-directing a student and what he or she really needs to be ...

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...person's paper. A solution to this problem is to only allow school devices in our schools. School's today can monitor and censor content that could endanger and student's clean record. Without and censorship on websites that students shouldn't be allowed to be observed it would be a free-for-all and would be a race for who can get the finished paper the fastest. Therefore, all devices should and will be monitored and censored by the given school.
B.Y.O.D should not be allowed in our schools because of distraction, cheating, and plagiarism Now that the following subtopics have ben elaborated inn the text it's shown that B.Y.O.D shouldn't and never will be supported in our school system. In all of the explaining it had to do with both student and teacher to be honest about what really happens on our devices. To conclude, students should not support B.Y.O.D.
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