Aztecs And Incas Essay

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Aztecs and Incas Face the Spanish!
The disclosure of the new world is the thing that prompted the fall of the Aztecs and Incas. The Europeans were incredibly dwarfed when they landed in the New World, and could have effectively been squashed by the warriors of these strong Pre-Columbian civic establishments. Absence of information and slyness were what lead to their defeat. The consequence of the Conquest by the Europeans was that the Aztec and Inca Civilizations were basically wiped out.
The story of the Spanish conquest over the native people of the Americas began in 1492; the Spaniards came from Europe to the Americas in hope of gaining wealth and increasing their social status. The Spaniards who were in the Americas were supposed to be spreading the word of Christianity, but often found the lure of gold and money, which affected the Aztecs and Inca Empires. The Spanish, due to their inferior weapons and bold war tactics, eventually captured both the Incas and Aztecs Empires.
The Aztecs landed in Mesoamerica around the start of the thirteenth century. The Aztecs, who were then called the Mexica, were a poor, nomadic people from the harsh deserts of northern Mexico (McDougal 453; ch. 16). The Aztecs assembled extraordinary urban communities and created a complex social, political, and religious structure. The force of the Mexica individuals got to be more merged and they started to structure partnerships. Their military force developed also, and they started to vanquish individuals in the encompassing regions. A large number of the locale's city-states were under their control by the fifteenth century. Aztec public opinion was exceedingly organized, in view of agribusin...

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...en again, the Incas had a huge impact in the dialect, religion, music, and expressions throughout today's general public in nations like Peru.

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