Aziz Ansari: Fundamental Modern Comedy

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Aziz Ansari: Fundamental Modern Comedy

Aziz Ansari is the definition of modern comedy. This Indian-American comedian was born on February 23, 1938 in Columbia, South Carolina to two recent immigrants. His education includes college at New York University degree in business marketing He started his comedic ventures during his late college years. The year 2007 brought him his first series, Giant Human, which aired on MTV .. His fame and popularity grew and his talent was further recognized when he landed a part of the popular comedy series, Parks and Recreation. His most recent achievement was launching his own comedy series called Master of None in which he stars as the main character. Mr. Ansari has had many major roles apart from the
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He makes many jokes about marriage, dating, race, stardom and having kids are, these are just some sensitive topics he touches on. Here wit is used as the overall technique and has two sub categories being unexpected turns and analogies. “Wit implies intellectual brilliance and quickness in perception combined with a gift for expressing ideas in an entertaining, often laughter provoking, pointed way”(J. E.). One of his techniques involve some unexpected turns this is how some of his comedy is achieved. Stand up comedy is all about how you tell a story. In this special Ansari tells the audience leads them on a track then goes the other way. He makes fun of a baby 's first steps. He doesn 't believe in first steps he then walks left to right on stage “what 's the big deal” he asks the audience. They laugh because you don 't see anyone criticize a baby on essentially anything although you seem him do it. The joke is too no offense to babies so then he walks left to right to make a point. It 's not the biggest unexpected turn but it 's subtle and unique. His next best technique is using analogies to explain a not so complicated situation. To make it easier and then he exaggerates on that simplified situation .The combination of simplification and exaggeration is what can make something funny. He is using a form of superiority theory “situations that evokes laughter or amusement. Advocates of the Superiority Theory said that when something evokes laughter, it is by revealing someone’s inferiority to the person

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