Ayashi no Ceres

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879 words

Ayashi No Ceres (Suspicious Ceres)

Aya Mikage and Aki Mikage are hanging out with their friends and they make Aya go and get her fortune told. Her fortune is about how when she turns 16, her life will be turned upside down and a dark star will effect her fate. She doesn’t know what the woman was talking about but she was right. Then when they are walking across a bridge a man steals an old lady’s purse and Aya runs after the man. When she gets the purse she falls over the edge of the bridge and then is saved by a mysterious force. The night before her and Aki’s birthday their parents tell them that they are to come straight home from school because they’re going to their grandpa’s house to celebrate their birthday. When Aki and Aya arrive their whole family is there and they are all sitting around a table. A man gives them a box and Aya is cautious in opening it. Aki takes it from her and opens it. Once he does Aya feels a mysterious presence over her and then she sees images in her head. Once she comes to, she looks at Aki and he’s shaking. Then he gets a bunch of slashes all over his skin and he’s bleeding everywhere. The test that Aya’s family put her up to is true. The celestial being named Ceres is in Aya. The rest of the family leaves and Aya and her grandpa and her father are still in the room. Aya’s father is suppose to shoot her, yet as he struggles, he tells her to fight her fate and her grandpa’s hit man shoots her father in the head. Aya screams and Ceres takes over her body and kills almost everyone in the room with a large energy blast. Aya doesn’t remember what happens and wakes up in a tree. Tooya, a man who saved her from getting hit by a car, finds her there and kisses her to stop her from screaming when hit men are walking around looking for Aya to kill her. Suzumi sends her brother-in-law, Yuuhi to go and get Aya. He does and Yuuhi brings her back to the Aogiri household. Suzumi explains to Aya what’s going on. Aya is of the bloodline that has a Tennyo (Angel/Fairy) blood. She tells how the Mikage have killed countless women in the family who show signs of Ceres being in them.

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how ayashi no ceres and aki mikage are hanging out with their friends when they make them go and get her fortune told.
  • Analyzes how aya's father tells her to fight her fate and ceres kills almost everyone in the room with a large energy blast.
  • Analyzes how tooya returns after being killed by mikage, the haragomo of ceres, and saves her.
  • Opines that ayashi no ceres is their favorite japanese anime and fits into our science fiction unit by beings inhuman.
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